Cinema has tightly entered our lives and has remained there forever since the very first film. It doesn’t matter if we liked him or how he was – we immediately got hooked on this emotional drug. Cinema unites people, evokes emotions, shapes consciousness and conveys the idea of its creators. These and many other factors at movie maker directly affect the psychological state of a person.

Character association

Of course, this phenomenon is most affected by children, adolescents and people with an unstable psyche. Although what really is there – well, who did not feel omnipotent after watching a pretty action movie or another movie adaptation of comics? I think many here recognized themselves, although they did not admit it out loud.

A huge number of behavioral habits that we notice in the people around us are taken from the movies. And this is not always a conscious choice, but a product of influence on the subconscious.

But not everything is so bad and gloomy. Cinema is primarily an art that often makes our world a better place and makes us think about important issues. It all depends on the director’s intention and the audience who is able to understand it. Even ordinary Alone Together full movie can help a person in difficult times, changing sadness to a smile, distracting a person from his problems. The main thing is not to fall out of real life more and more deeply imbued with the actions of the characters on the screen.


As mentioned above, cinema can unite people. Sometimes this is not just an exchange of opinions or a heated debate after watching a picture. People began to gather in interest groups regarding a particular work. Of course, everyone is free to spend their free time as they see fit, but sometimes such behavior leads to negative consequences. People from such subcultures sometimes become asocial personalities with all the ensuing consequences.


It is because of them that we often watch movies. We do not have enough positive – turn on comedy, not enough thrills – turn on horror. The list of all kinds of emotions is as great as the list of genres in the cinema. With the help of the film, we can regulate our mood ourselves, albeit not for a long time. Often this is a necessary discharge, which is so lacking.

Be that as it may, the psychological state of a person from watching a movie depends on the person himself. If this is a well-formed and strong personality with its own principles, she will not face serious changes. For psychological stability it is very important to subject everything seen to adequate criticism and analysis.


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