Movies are a way to take a break from everyday life, to look at other worlds and dream a little. While watching, a person forgets about all the problems, plunges into the world of heroes and tries to become one of them.

People perceive watching movies as a way of entertainment, but few seriously think about its effect on our brain, emotions and mood. How do genres affect a person?


The best way to escape from problems and cheer yourself up is to watch a funny movie. It is when watching films like The Hows of Us full movie that the hormone of happiness – endorphin – is released in humans, which makes us laugh. But comedies are not only a way to cheer yourself up. After all, endorphin protects a person from viruses and bacteria, that is, it helps the immune system. No wonder they say: “The more you laugh, the longer you live.”


These films and windows movie maker series do not distract people from problems, but rather make you think about all the unpleasant. Watching the drama, we think about what we have done wrong, millions of thoughts arise in the head, and even a little thing is attached to a person by great importance. A significant difference between dramas and other genres is that a person unconsciously accepts the emotions of those characters that he likes or even looks a bit like. If we have committed a bad deed, we begin to think about the similarity with an antihero, trying to justify our deeds. Or vice versa, we condemn ourselves for our deeds, even for minor sins. That is why a person is not recommended to watch dramas if he is fixated on some problem.


The controversial genre of films, because for some people this is just a way to get an adrenaline flow, for which in reality we lack the bravery. For others, horror is restricted, they want to watch such films, but fear takes its toll. The strong influence of films of this genre on the psyche has long been recognized, therefore, for most, restrictions on viewing have been introduced.

How do movie heroes affect a person?

There are two types of perception of what is happening on the screen. In the first case, a person just watches a movie, enjoying it, but realizing that this is just one way of entertainment. That is, there is influence, but it is so small that after the film we will forget about it very quickly. In the second case, a person is too serious about what is happening on the screen: trying on images of movie heroes, trying to find a similarity of what is happening on the screen and in life. In this case, the influence is huge, and the series are especially dangerous. If we watched a film and soon forgot it, then the series may go on for more than one month, and we will constantly think about the heroes, their problems, unconsciously we will become these heroes.

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