Today it is impossible to imagine a free Saturday evening without a good movie – comedy, action or thriller. Premieres of films are not long in coming and every week four to ten new films appear in movie theaters. What trace can they leave in the human psyche and leave?

Thrillers, action and horror films

The widespread belief that horrors and thrillers carry only negative emotions was dispelled by a researcher at the University of Texas. Studying the influence of “heavy films” on the human psyche, he came to the conclusion that the human brain does not perceive what is happening on the screen as a threat to real life. He found out that horror sessions like Bird Box full movie lead to “addiction” and a person ceases to be afraid. This mechanism, he said, can be used in psychotherapeutic work and in the treatment of various phobias.

Regular sessions of watching movies with scenes of violence, the use of weapons, murders can lead to addiction and imitation in adolescents. This is an identity with this scene. And the teenager subconsciously transfers scenes of violence from films into real life. This can cause aggression and excessive excitability.

Mystical and science fiction films

Most people in the world today love fantastic and mystical films and TV shows. Flying on interplanetary ships, fairytale galaxies, epic battle scenes, even flying on brooms – all this seems exciting and harmless, but is that so?

These films seem interesting to us, because they bring elements that expand the capabilities of virtual reality, give an elevated expectation of miracles in real life.
Superhero blockbusters and action games

The dominance of physical strength present in blockbusters and fantasy action films is also an example that teenagers “grab”. The films clearly demonstrate that it is easier to resolve issues from a position of strength. Physical strength will be replaced by politeness, sensitivity, empathy, intelligence and friendship.

The best age for movies

But what if the children begin to watch movies almost from the cradle? Psychologists recommend that parents of children under 5 years of age allow them to view only cartoons. Parents of young children need to be very careful about movies, because the psyche of children is unstable. The narrative line and characters should be positive, simple and clear. Children 4-5 years old perceive animals well. For children over 7 years old, you can complicate the material, but limit the screening of a movie with scenes of fights and violence. Parents need to remember that the basis of the behavior, character and psychology of the child is not laid by the movie, but by the family, trusting and warm relations between parents, attention and love.

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